Classic battleship game for all your devices!

Enjoy playing with your friends or AI - on iOS, Android or Windows.

Multiplayer support with public and private game rooms.

Highly customizable game rules.

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All devices covered!

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Screenshots and Features

Multiplayer and More

Tablets, Smartphones and PCs. Multiplayer and AI.

Different Skins (Looks)

Support for different game looks. Dark mode for AMOLED included.

Your Rules!

Highly customizable rules, in single player as well as in multiplayer. Arrange your ships and mines manually or let computer do it for you.

Game Rooms

Public and private game rooms are supported.




Choose Your Shape

Classic straight ships or any shape you want.

Mines And Spying!

You can use mines to catch your opponent, or spy on him: in single player and in multiplayer. If you allow this is your rules.

Multiple Languages

English, Russian. Spanish, Italian and French are coming soon.